Charles Stanley is a Certified Financial Planner, author, educator and speaker. Charles has been published or quoted in the San Diego Daily Transcript, Union Tribune, Investment News,, Kiplinger’s and others. He is published regularly in both the American Funeral Director and the Canadian Funeral Director magazines. He was a contributing author to “How to Manage a Million Dollars . . . or Less” and is currently working on his new book, “How to be a Trustee in California.”

Mr. Stanley teaches continuing education classes for Attorneys, CPAs and CFPs on topics where finance and the law intersect.

He is an Investment Advisor with both Oncubic, LLC, an investment advisor firm and Trovena, LLC, a Wealth Management firm that provides holistic wealth management services to high net-worth clientele.

If you need asssitance with a retirement plan rollover, Charles may be reached at:

Charles L Stanley CFP® ChFC AIF®
Oncubic, LLC
3655 Nobel Drive Ste 340
La Jolla CA 92122
Phone: 888-619-5666 x506


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